Not a Facial…

This is Not a Facial.  It’s HydraFacial MD, and Nothing Else Compares.

Three Steps.  45 Minutes.  The Best Skin of Your Life!

Completely Non-Invasive, No Pain or Discomfort and Immediate Visible Results with absolutely No Downtime.  HydraFacial Addresses Specific Skin Concerns and is Effective for Every Skin Type.  It is the Most Powerful Non-Invasive Skin Treatment available anywhere.  Manasra Medical Spa is Very Proud to Offer HydraFacial… the Next Level of Facial Skin Care.


Cleanse + Peel

Cleanse and Peel to Uncover a New Layer of Skin with Gentle Exfoliation and Relaxing Resurfacing.  HydraFacial uses a Unique, Patented Vortex-Fusion unlike any other system available.  There is simply No Other non-invasive way to get your skin So Clean and Renewed.  You will see the difference in just minutes.


Extract + Hydrate

Remove Tiny Debis and Impurities from the Pores of Your Skin  with HydroFacial’s Unique and Painless Suction.  Once Your Pores have been Completely Cleaned, Your Skin is Nourished with Advanced Moisturizers that Deeply Quench and Restore Your Skin.  This is one of The Most Important steps to Healthy Skin, and HydraFacial does it Better.  Nothing Else Compares.

Fuse + Protect

Your Skin will be Saturated with Antioxidants and Peptides to Maximize Your Glow!  This will Reduce the free radicals in your skin, Protecting you from pigmentation and fine lines & wrinkles.  This will also Increase Amino Acids and Collagen in Your Skin to keep you Looking Young, Renewed and Refreshed.    

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 Hannah Oram is one of the Most sought after Medical Aestheticians who Specializes in HydraFacial Treatment in Northern California.  She’s available for appointment or more information at Manasra Medical Spa.

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HydraFacial Packages

Call for Prices.   HydraFacial Memberships Also Available!

Signature HydraFacial

Deeply Cleanses, Exfoliates, Extracts, Hydrates and Protects Your Skin utilizing Super Serums filled with Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid.  

Add-Ons Available: Specialty Serums

Blue or Red LED


Total Treatment Time: 45 Minutes.

Deluxe HydraFacial

These Invigorating Treatments include All the Essentials of a Signature HydraFacial while Addressing Specific Skin Concerns through HydraFacial’s Boosters & Protocols.

Clarifying Extended Extractions and added Blue LED Light Therapy to Remove Congestion.

Restorative CTGFTM to Improve the Appearance of Skin Tone, Texture and Elasticity.

Radiance with a Britenol Boost to Minimize appearance of dark spots.

Age Refinement with a DermaBuilder Boost ™ to Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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